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GRC has supported more than 100 graduate students from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.

Clients have included masters and doctoral students enrolled in linguistics, business, leadership, organization development and behavior, education, psychology, and environmental science programs.

Current and past clients have been enrolled in Georgetown University, George Mason University, Pepperdine University, Purdue University, University of Toronto, Simon Fraser University, Fielding Graduate Institute, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, and others.

Here’s what our clients have said:

Karen's enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to focus on what is important helped me immensely. Partnering with her moved my thesis forward dramatically in a very short time.
Ron Velin, Montreal, Canada
Leadership Consultant

Karen provided me with support by having a calming approach at moments that were extremely stressful for me. She was excellent at simplifying the material and made it much easier for me to focus. By utilizing Karen, I was able to reach my due dates with confidence and superior results. Karen also provided such speedy and effective service that I was able to have more balance with my personal life as a result. I highly recommend Karen for your research needs, as she will give you great peace of mind and insight.
  Lorenza Forcella, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Credit Suisse First Boston
Investment Banking
Karen was a wonderful relief for me! Although I still wrote all of my thesis, she coached me through structure, formatting and citations. She was far more available with timely advice and criticism than my advisor. Her reviews and suggestions of sources on research methods, for example, saved me enormous time and effort. I would probably still be stuck if it hadn't been for her gentle reminders and encouragement.
Kirk Hamilton, Houston, TX
Senior Principal, Watkins Hamilton Ross Architects
Karen played a pivotal role in the development of my thesis on employee empowerment. The first step in the process, a high-level review, provided me with actionable feedback related to content, edits required, and APA formatting guidelines.

Once I began to delve deep into each chapter, Karen provided much more detailed feedback with comments placed directly in the text. The key to Karen's success is that she focuses on the details while never forgetting the big picture. Her educated perspectives really get to the core of the topic covered.

Karen is very accessible and aims to meet her customers wherever they need her most. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone and will work with Karen again if I pursue another degree. The bottom line—Karen made my thesis writing experience far less stressful than it started out to be. For that, I am forever thankful.
  Kimberly DeSempelaere Waldman, Plymouth, MI
Chief Operating Officer, Samsomatic, Ltd.
Automotive Industry
I have a gift for divergent thinking, which is sometimes a curse when it comes to tying together loose ends. A week before the thesis deadline, my 400 page manuscript had become unwieldy, and needed serious editing in order to ensure cogency. I was enmeshed in the complexity of my own thinking, and couldn't see the forest for the trees. Moreover, I still had the final chapter and the prefatory pages to write, and the formatting to execute. I despaired that I would not finish in time and thus not graduate. I suffered from insomnia, and my relationships were strained as a result of the many months of focus on the research.

I called Karen. Her intervention was nothing short of miraculous. She flew in to town with a project template customized to suit my strengths. She was able to grasp the complexity of my manuscript and she creatively coached me to completion. After I finished the thesis, Karen formatted it. I turned it into the program office 10 hours before the draft was due. I simply couldn't have finished that thesis on time without Karen's help. In fact, partnering with her enhanced the research experience. Naturally, I fully endorse Karen's service, and would not hesitate to recommend her. My fiancée wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, either.

Brad Rassler, Reno, NV
Sustainability Consultant, A Sustainable Way
Environmental Business Consulting
Doing the research and writing my thesis was a huge undertaking, and I had no interest in learning and doing my APA formatting in addition. I was thrilled to be able to offload the task to Karen. She formatted my thesis (all 223 pages!) in a matter of days. Further, her accessibility, timeliness, and way of explaining things made her very easy to work with. It would have taken me weeks to accomplish what she did in just days.
  Leslie Smith, San Diego, CA
Training & Organization Development Consultant, Full Circle Consulting
I could not have graduated on time without Karen's help! Even my husband thanked Karen at graduation. Her quick turnaround of my thesis and last minute coaching made it possible for me to meet the final deadline.

It made my day to then get a phone call from the Pepperdine University editor, saying that my formatting was outstanding. Of course, I told her that it was thanks to Karen's help!
Denise Renter, Dallas, TX
Organization Development Consultant, Denise Renter & Associates
When I think of doing a thesis, I think “pain,” “hard,” and “nightmare.” I am experiencing none of that.
Tonya Sprinkle
Phoenix, AZ
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